Unlock the international legal career of your dreams by mastering your English speaking fluency

Hello, I’m Ruth Whittle!

I help legal professionals speak English fluently without hesitating and doubting themselves and be fully prepared for exciting opportunities in their dream international legal career.

End goal? Less stress, more opportunities and more financial security!

Does this sound like you?

Vous habitez en France ? Cliquez ici pour plus de détails sur mes services d’anglais pour les professionnels - spécialisée en anglais juridique.

Here is how I can help you:

Service #1

Fluent English Lawyer

Success Roadmap

A coaching experience designed to assess your current English and develop a personalised 21 day English fluency success roadmap so you can move from stuck to successful in your English communication as a legal professional.

Service #2

Fluent English

Lawyer Accelerator

A 12 week individual coaching programme designed to help you speak English fluently so you can unlock your dream international legal career

Hello! It's Ruth!

Something I strongly believe in is this..

As humans, we all have dreams and goals we want to achieve and life is so much more meaningful when we decide to go for them!

We may not admit to anyone what we really want: 

Maybe you really want that promotion to an international job so you can work in an interesting area of law and also get well financially compensated for your hard work. 

Maybe you want to gain more visibility for your work and knowing how to articulate your expertise in English will help you get there.

You might be a legal professional who currently works internationally with English speaking clients and colleagues but you still feel stuck when you need to communicate in meetings and presentations. You would like to move to that next level of speaking fluency so you can unlock more success in your career.

You might also be a legal professional who doesn’t use much or any English in your current job. You are keen to build an international legal career and you know that if you don’t start to improve your English speaking fluency now, it will hold you back from getting your dream job in the future.

And that’s where I can help: 

I am here to help you get unstuck with your current level in English so you can speak without hesitating and doubting what you are saying is correct and show up with confidence to English meetings, presentations and interviews.

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