Unlock your international legal career: A 4-step English speaking fluency framework

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➡️The 4-step framework on how to improve your English speaking fluency as a legal professional

➡️Mistakes that slow down your progress in English and what you can do instead to quickly improve your speaking fluency so you are ready to unlock exciting international opportunities in your legal career

➡️Details on the programmes in the English Fluency Academy for Legal Professionals

I'm Ruth Whittle and I help legal professionals speak English fluently without hesitating and be fully prepared for exciting opportunities in your legal career.

I have a Bachelor in Irish law and Masters in international human rights law and I worked for a few years in the field of refugee protection and human rights.

I never trained as a lawyer but I have huge respect for the work you do.

I know that as a legal professional, you have spent years building the career you have today.

You are skilled and talented at what you do but now that you are building an international career, improving your English fluency is the next thing to unlocking more success and getting your dream job, a promotion or more recognition for the work you do.

I want to help you know exactly what to say and how to say it in English so you are ready to thrive in the international career of your dreams.

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